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Ekiti State Polytechnic Hosts SIWES Directors and ITF Officials for Q2 Meeting

Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan-Ekiti, played host to the Q2 meeting of the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) Directors and Coordinators, in conjunction with officials from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in Ondo and Ekiti States. The meeting, held at the Polytechnic's Conference Hall, was marked by a keynote address from the Institution's pioneer Rector, Prof. Johnson Kayode Adesodun.

In his address, Prof. Adesodun emphasized the significance of the occasion in reinforcing the commitment to skill development and bridging the gap between academic environments and industrial work settings for tertiary institution students.

Prof. Adesodun said: "At Ekiti State Polytechnic, we pride ourselves on our dedication to equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of agriculture, technology, industry, and entrepreneurship."  He highlighted the Institution's cutting-edge ICT infrastructure that supports innovative education and research, mentioning their integrated online portal, multimedia-equipped classrooms, and a well-stocked digital library.

The Rector also underscored the importance of industry collaboration, stating that strategic partnerships with various sectors ensure that the institution's educational programs remain relevant and responsive to the economy's needs. These partnerships, according to Prof. Adesodun, enrich the curriculum and provide students with practical experience through initiatives like SIWES.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Head of the Industrial Liaison Unit at Ekiti State Polytechnic, Dr. Chris Adegoke Fayose who welcomed participants to the opening ceremony of the Q2 Meeting, said the Industrial Liaison/SIWES Unit has maintained a strong focus on ensuring students maximize the opportunities provided by the SIWES programme. He emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry, preparing graduates for the evolving workforce.

Dr. Fayose commended the Polytechnic’s Management for its unwavering support in enhancing the Entrepreneurship Development and Skills Acquisition (EDSAC) and ICT Centres. He added that since gaining approval to run the SIWES programme in 2022, the Institution has successfully trained three sets of students, two of which have graduated.

The event gathered numerous SIWES Directors and Coordinators, ITF officials, and other esteemed guests, aiming to foster productive deliberations and strengthen the collaborative efforts in skills development across the region.

Ekiti State Polytechnic continues to stand out as a beacon of innovation and learning, making significant strides in digital compliance and infrastructural development since its inception, aligning with its mantra of "Innovation for Sustainable Development."

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