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Ekiti State Polytechnic Holds 4th Matriculation Ceremony

The Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan-Ekiti, celebrated its 4th Matriculation Ceremony today, marking a significant milestone for the newly admitted National Diploma (ND) 1 students. The event, held at the Polytechnic campus, featured a keynote address by the Rector, Prof. Johnson Kayode Adesodun, who welcomed the students and outlined the institution's expectations and opportunities.

In his speech, Prof. Adesodun emphasized the importance of adherence to the Polytechnic's rules and regulations. He congratulated the new students on their admission, urging them to fully dedicate themselves to their studies and maintain discipline both within and outside the campus. He highlighted that registration is a critical step in formalizing their admission and cautioned against falling prey to scammers.

Prof. Adesodun also underscored the role of the Information Communication Technology and Research Centre (ICTRC) in enhancing the students' academic experience. He encouraged students to make optimal use of the ICT facilities provided.

Regarding students' organizations, he stressed that only registered groups are permitted to operate within the Polytechnic. He warned against participation in unauthorized groups, particularly cult activities, which would lead to expulsion and legal consequences.

The Rector reiterated the Institution's strict dress code policy, advising students to dress appropriately and avoid prohibited attire. He also spoke about the importance of carrying identity cards at all times for security reasons and warned against the misuse of social media, which could result in disciplinary actions.

In addressing the provision of social amenities, Prof. Adesodun announced the installation of solar power and generators to ensure a steady electricity supply. He also informed the audience about the proposal for a 120-capacity student hostel, pending approval from TETFUND.

In conclusion, Prof. Adesodun urged students to avoid activities that could lead to their expulsion and emphasized the importance of integrity and academic excellence. He shared that he is nearing the end of his tenure as the Rector of the Polytechnic.

Martins Olowoyo,
Ekiti State Polytechnic, Iṣan Ekiti

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