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EKSPOLY Management Team pays advocacy visit to Ifẹsowapọ LCDA Chairman, Hon Ajibola

In a notable move towards educational development, Hon Muyiwa Olabode Ajibola, the Chairman of Ifẹsowapọ Local Council Development Area in Isan Ekiti, has pledged to sponsor six students, hi three from each ward, for the National Diploma Programme at Ekiti State Polytechnic, Iṣan Ekiti. The announcement came during a courtesy visit by the management team of the Ekiti State Polytechnic to his office.

Emphasizing the critical role of vocational education, Chairman Ajibola expressed his unwavering support for the polytechnic, highlighting its importance in skill development and job creation. His commitment aligns with his broader vision for educational empowerment within the local community.

Earlier, the Ekiti State Polytechnic's team, led by Registrar Mr. Olugbenga Olorunsola, had addressed the local council development authorities. He called for support from the LCDA in enhancing the polytechnic's role as an educational hub, especially considering its position within the host community. The team's focus was on boosting student enrollment by appealing to the youth in the local councils.

This partnership between the Ifẹsowapọ LCDA and Ekiti State Polytechnic represents a significant step in fostering educational growth and skill development in the region. The sponsorship program is expected to open doors for talented students, offering them opportunities to gain practical skills and contribute effectively to the local economy.

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